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Come out for the official release of the full length concept album "Call of the Voyager" as Warhog performs all 1.5hrs of music from the album - most likely the only event where this will ever happen!

Featuring special guest sets from The Futile Nonsense Project and Daughter of Demeter!!

Free Parking $10 cover Merchandise and album download specials! Great venue with FOOD and a full bar. Come out and have a great time!!

Warhog is a 4-piece metal band from North Texas. Formed in early 2020, Warhog spent the early days of the pandemic tracking demos and collaborating remotely on ideas that would eventually become the album “Call of the Voyager.”

Warhog’s original music incorporates driving, rhythmic riffs with melodic, storytelling vocals that are influenced by classic metal acts like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath among others new and old. Our mission is to write heavy music that’s accessible to all audiences. We hope you’ll take a listen.

Thanks for stopping by, see you at the next show! - Warhog


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